The Song Method™

SONG is part of my name. It means Pine in Chinese. I love my name. It’s been an inspiration throughout my life. A Dawn Pine, deeply rooted with the mother earth, while reaching out to the vast sky. This deep connection and alignment with the divine sources sum up the essence of my work. It is from there where the healing is initiated and evolves, gently leading us to come back home, to love and safety, to deep resting and inner peace.

SomatoEmotional Release and Re-educating the Central Nervous System form the two pillars of The SONG Method™. The Method is NOT an intellectual process but a heart-centered and embodied experience. It is extremely sensitive and respectful, facilitated through love in its purest form. It is my holding a compassionate and non-judgmental space through deep listening and inquiring, helping you to connect and fall in love with your inner self that will initiate and enable profound healing.

The Process

Healing is a highly personal experience. It will be misleading to give a prescribed step by step guide here. However, my intention is to give you an overall idea on how I work and what transformations and results we can achieve through working together. The milestones I am outlining here serve as a guideline, a blueprint, while each journey will be highly organic and personalized.

To heal is to learn how to love. To heal is to learn how to fall in love utterly, completely and unconditionally with yourself. Healing is not an intellectual process but a heart process.

Healing is not an intellectual process but a journey inwards to the depths of your pain. The way in is the way out of your pain and suffering. Any short cut is to numb your pain instead of healing it.

By facilitating trauma release that has been trapped in the body, undoing life-long patterns that have been holding you back, limiting your talents and power, rewiring your nervous system into that of a calmer and stronger mechanism, I help you heal while your body reorganise, repair, and regenerate at its fullest potential. That’s the path of true healing.
With your nervous system getting stronger and more resilient, a commitment to self-love and self care as your second nature, you will be able to navigate life with much ease and grace, feeling empowered and in control, relishing new found energy to pursue a life of your passion and dreams.
You will be able to live a fulfilling life that is truer to your essence, answering your heart’s desire, and rich with meanings.

Benefits and Transformation

You will gain clarity, breaking through your healing huddles by understanding the root cause of your pain and syndromes.

Your symptoms will be much reduced if not completely vanished.

You will learn how to master stress and anxiety, transform emotional reactivities to intelligent and mature responses, and maintain inner peace and tranquility. 

You will gain clarity, breaking through your healing huddles by understanding the root cause of your pain and syndromes.

You will be much grounded, aligned and connected with yourself with a heightened self-awareness. 

You will feel empowered, connected with your innate healing wisdom, getting your control back over your health and life with confidence and joy.

 You will accept and fall in love with yourself unconditionally. 

You will be able to plunge back into life with heightened energy and enthusiasm. 

You will demonstrate improved performance at work with better financial rewards.

You will enjoy better relationships with your family and friends.

You will look much younger than your age.

You will come back home to yourself, step into the best version of your expression.

You will step up and be the beacon of light for others.

I had the great Fortune of working with Xiaosong. I have worked with numerous therapists to address my anxiety emanating from a childhood trauma, I must say that Xiaosong is godsent to all of us seekers of peace. In all of my consultations with Xiaosong, I always felt that she was 100% present with me and always working from her heart space in helping me get to a better place.
Shawn, USA
 Xiaosong is a true blessing to her clients! She has helped both my husband (partially paralyzed and speechless from a stroke) and me so much in so many ways over these past months, when I had nothing to give, undergoing chemotherapy. Much love and many blessings to you always!
Debby, USA
I started to work with Xiaosong because of my debilitating chronic back pain. However, I ended up in a Universe rich with wonders. Xiaosong has helped and enabled me to travel deeper in a path that is called life. Her patience, warmth and wisdom are invaluable. Thank you!
Miguel de Anguien, Argentina
I was a very anxious person suffering from chronic pains, insomnia and depression. Working with Xiaosong has helped me to appreciate the beauty of life and inspired me to deeply explore my life purposes. Thank you Xiaosong! I am now a happy person, feeling more grounded, calmer and connected with my inner self!
Vincent, Singapore