Deeply intuitive, loving and gifted, I am a citizen of the world. Originally from China, I have lived and traveled all over the world and have set roots in Europe (Germany and UK), the Middle East (Lebanon) and now in Argentina, South America. This life experience has sharpened my intuition, enriched my worldliness and blessed me with an abundance of skills and wisdom.

I love people and am passionate about helping people to step into their most powerful expressions. I am by nature empathic, open, and kind. Working as an intuitive healer, I have a track record of creating and holding a safe and loving space for my clients all around the world, honoring their life stories and guiding them to connect with their inner doctor, so that they can heal and enjoy a life that is blissful, creative, spontaneous and free.

It hasn’t always been easy to fully celebrate my gifts for healing, but my clients keep on telling me how blessed they are to have me in their life, helping them to regain their health, to feel empowered, more importantly, to fall in love with themselves and be able to live the life of their dreams.

Professionally trained in CranioSacral Therapy, SomatoEmotional Release, Alexander Technique, Compassionate Inquiry (Dr Gabor Maté’s healing trauma modality),  I have integrated these modalities, together with my life long experience and practice in meditation, Traditional Chinese Medicine, nutrition, counselling, EFT tapping, hypnotherapy, etc. I combine science with ancient healing wisdom, logic with intuition, mind with heart. 

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This is my life’s work, my vocation. I’m deeply committed to serve you, to support, accompany, and guide you in this journey full of wonder, inspiration and meaning. It is my absolute commitment to offer the most loving and exceptional healing transformation to my clients, igniting hope, empower and nurture, so that you can live a life of meaning and become your best expression.

You can read more about my story here.