It is my calling to help you heal your chronic pain and ailment, transcend shame to self-love, and come home to yourself.


7 steps to connect with your inner healer

Xiaosong is an exceptional healer! She is not only helping my dad to heal who suffers from partial paralysis and loss of speech after a stroke to regain his confidence, alertness, mobility, and above all, his zest for life, she is also helping my entire family to heal. Thank you!

Kristen, USA

It was a pleasure, privilege and honour having worked with someone so dedicated to her profession, so loving and passionate, giving attention to all the minute details. Thank you Xiaosong

Paul, United Kingdom

It’s a pleasure learning not to interfere with the spontaneity of our body and allow it to heal with its magnificent capabilities. Thank you Xiaosong for accompanying me on such a beautiful journey!

Silvia, Argentina

Xiaosong is completely wonderful! My husband and I both have worked with her. We both came away with immediate improvement and general well being as well as life long lessons that we will carry with us. Her presence is wise and inquisitive. I could not recommend her highly enough.

Xela Herridge-Meyer, USA

During darkness, I found clarity and light in the beautiful presence of Xiaosong. She was like an oasis in the desert for me. It was really a gift for me to meet her.

Sophie Seiler, Switzerland

Are you going through a big life challange?

Do you suffer from chronic pain/stress and anxiety/other emotional situations?

If you’ve found your way here, you are probably a very curious, open and intuitive person. Even though most of the time you can rarely put into words what you are searching for.

You’re a questioner and you’re insanely curious.

You’ve been driven by a mysterious force your entire life that has taken you time and time again into new territories and unfamiliar waters.

You keep on trying out new things even though they might seem crazy and non-sense to your family, pals and immediate society.

You keep on reinventing yourself throughout this quest, simply because there is a voice inside you that compels you to just do it.

You are forever on an off-the-beaten track.

You’re obsessed with truth, nothing but truth, no matter what.

The dark side of this is you often find yourself alone, lost, with no guidance.

This causes you tremendous anxiety and stress that is so deep that most people will never be able to detect it from outside.

Behind your worldly demeanour and confidence, you suffer from homelessness and a lack of belonging, regardless whether

You’re living in your own home country or not.

Such stress has manifested itself in your often chronic physical symptoms and medical diagnosis.

If this feels like you, you’ve stumbled into the right place.

My name is Xiaosong. I am an Intuitive Healer and Soul Coach. It gives me great joy to help people find their compass, so that they can find their way home, belong and prosper.

If you’re ready to heal and take your life and happiness to its optimal level, please reach out and connect with me. Let’s have a conversation!

Trust yourself. Trust your intuition.

With all my love and blessings.

I will help you

Reduce or vanish you pain and symptoms

Drop your stress and anxiety level 

Fall in love with yourself

Be grounded, aligned and connected with yourself

Feel empowered, having the control back over your life 

Boost your energy and enthusiasm

Step up into your best expression and pursue a life of your dreams 

Get started today

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What you would like to achieve

How can I help you

An action plan and timeline forward

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