I was born a healer and to be of service to people. It is written all over in my astrological natal chart. But I wasn’t aware of it and took a massive detour, until one fateful day in 2006, while grieving the loss of a beloved I fell from the top of a ladder at home and broke my leg. The accident and the painful months and years of recovery and grief have turned me into a healer I was always meant to be. 

I was a very curious child growing up in China, always asking big WHYs, seeking something intangible and mysterious that I couldn’t really put words on. I was always found fiercely copying wisdom quotes and health and wellness information in my little notebook, especially everything anything to do with Traditional Chinese Medicine. It’s become a lifelong study and application not only to my own health but also to my patients and students alike. 

I’m also a great lover of food and nutrition. Being Chinese and coming from a rich culinary culture that believes in food as remedies, I’ve spent all my life studying medicinal properties of foods and their combinations to enhance good health and wellbeing. I effortlessly bring nutritional coaching into my practice and have done so since the beginning. 

I left China aged 20. My insatiable curiosity and adventurous spirit have, in the last 30 odd years, taken me to travel and live across many countries and continents in Europe, the Middle East and now in Argentina, South America.

I was a filmmaker and documentary producer in my 20s and early 30s in the UK. I had fun! I traveled around the world many rounds and met lots of interesting people. However, deep down something was missing and I got increasingly frustrated with the skin deep nature of mainstream television and its lack of soul. Then something tragic happened. In 2006, my ex-husband died from a massive heart attack at a young age. Two weeks after his passing from him, I fell from a ladder at home, breaking the two bones in my right leg and ended up having excruciating back pains and depression for years to come. 

Those were the dark nights of the soul. The pain from the broken leg and the postoperative recovery were enduring. However, next to the pain from my broken heart, it almost felt strangely soothing. It took me two long years to come out of the dark tunnel. Meanwhile, I developed debilitating back pains due to the bad use of my body on a limped leg. The pains were so bad that I wasn’t able to do most things in life, such as washing up dishes and carrying shopping bags or any weight, let alone dancing, practicing yoga, playing tennis, things I loved doing all my life. I felt as if I was an old lady in her 80s even though I was less than half of that age. I searched deep and wide, desperately for a cure.Sessions after sessions of acupuncture, physiotherapy, osteopathy, pilates, etc. hadn’t given much relief. I was losing hope. Then by sheer chance, I bumped into Alexander Technique! And it was Alexander Technique combined with Craniosacral Therapy that got me out of my miseries for once and for all. Imagine the joy of being pain free and able to function and enjoy life again after so many years of suffering! More importantly, I didn’t only come out pain free, but a totally transformed person, more connected with myself, happier, wiser and feeling younger. 

It’s not a surprise that I trained and became an Alexander teacher. I got myself trained as a CranioSacral Therapist too! That’s how convinced and committed I am. I know that these modalities work given time and practice. And I want to help people who suffer from the same to be free of the pain too. I know the way intimately by having walked through it personally, getting lost and finding the way back time and time again. Now I want to share my journey. 

Being an empath and super sensitive, I’m always tuned in with other people’s emotions and vibrations. The psychology and emotions of people fascinate me and it is one of my gifts knowing how to listen deeply without judgments, holding space with my pure presence and compassion. I love people and care for them deeply. 

Life has been a great teacher and the greatest lessons I’ve learned are always through tremendous pains and sufferings. I’ve never stopped learning, investigating and training to deepen and further my skill sets. In the last few years, I have been well versed in long distance healing, in particular in the area of healing trauma under the mentorship of Dr Gabor Maté. Combining ancient wisdom and science, I have been helping people regain their health and become the best version of themselves for the last 15 years. This is giving me tremendous joy and meaning. 

I am loving and kind. I am unflappable. I am utterly committed and devoted to healing and being of service to people. My work is my life, my passion, my love. It’s my art, my poetry. I invite you to come to work with me if my story resonates. Together we can create miracles. 

May we heal.
May we love.
May we flourish.
May we live on a kinder and more compassionate planet earth.